Samsung Galaxy s2 Internal Memory Full


I’m running the stable of cyanogemod 10 on galaxy s2 and I’m seeing “storage space running out” message so the internal memory in my phone is going full.

I looked into the storage manager and the numbers didn’t add up.

Couldn’t find any app that shows you content of internal storage (they all work on the SD), so I used the terminal emulator to view the files myself (requires super user permissions).

I found out that there is a directory data/log that takes a lot of memory, about 1 GB. From viewing the files in it it appears to have a lot of log files with names such as dumpstate_RESET_BY_CP_SILENTRESET…


I just deleted it… it seems to be a bug with cyanogenmod. Will update if there are any problems.

Deletion was done through the terminal app. You type su to give it super user permissions, then you go to the path and use a linux command to delete the files.


Enter Android Terminal Emulator and type the linux command:

  • $ su
  • # rm data/log/*

So you can remove all log files in that directory.